Our Mission

We help bring redemption and freedom to the enslaved, providing rehabilitation and job training to give them a sustainable future. We support organizations and former slaves by bringing their products to the marketplace.

100% direct funding
All funds from scarf sales go toward helping children become free.
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Our Collection

Each scarf is hand-crafted by teenagers in our program and takes seven hours to create. Buy a scarf for $30.00 and pay for one day on the path to freedom.

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In Their Words


Watch Embase tell his story about working for his uncle, weaving textiles for sixteen hours a day for almost nothing. Embase was freed from the working conditions under his uncle and now has the opportunity to build his own future by making some of the scarves we sell.


Hear Tigist's story of falling into prostitution at a young age.

Give Freedom

More than anything these vulnerable children need and deserve freedom. Together, we can help.

From Our Blog

The Holidays are upon us. We’ll sit down to a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends. We’ll shop for big sales at our favorite retail establishment or online. We’ll bake too many cookies for one household to possibly eat. We’ll forget to be thankful, we’ll buy things we don’t need, and we’ll throw […]

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