Our Mission

We help bring redemption and freedom to the enslaved, providing rehabilitation and job training to give them a sustainable future. We support organizations and former slaves by bringing their products to the marketplace.

90% direct funding
Your purchase frees and supports youth in Ethiopia.
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Our Collection

Each scarf is handcrafted by teenagers in our program and takes 4-6 hours to create. Buy a scarf and pay for one day on the path to freedom.

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In Their Words

Freedom Boys

What’s it like to work in a sweatshop? Hear these teenagers’ journeys from slavery to freedom.

New Life Girls

From forced prostitution to freedom, these former slaves share the transformation they’ve experienced through our partners’ programs.

Give Freedom

More than anything these vulnerable children need and deserve freedom. Together, we can help.

From Our Blog

A young boy sat on the dirt floor of a crowded sweatshop. Eyes wide, he pleaded. “The shop owner’s gone. Can you take me with you now?” I looked at the floor and paused. “I’m sorry,”  I said. Our small nonprofit’s funding for the year was long gone. “We can’t. At least not yet.” In […]

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