Funding Breakdown

Threads to freedom

90% Rescues and Protects

A critical part of Beza Threads’ approach to freedom is the distribution of funds received from product sales. We seek to distribute funds in a way that addresses the issue of slavery in a holistic and sustainable approach. The breakout below shows the current funding distribution for each good sold.

10% | Administration

A portion of each purchase supports the work of the Beza staff team, ensuring we can continue offering quality products and empowering our Ethiopian partners.

30-40% | Product

The materials, labor and shipping costs necessary to deliver a product to your doorstep constitute 30 to 40% of each price tag. We pay beneficiaries fair wages for their craftsmanship, supporting their business and financial futures far after the program’s completion.

50-60% | Rescue & Prevention

The remaining portion of our product cost funds the rescue, rehabilitative and preventative programming of our on-the-ground partners. Learn more about the programs we support here.