How It’s Made


It all started with a scarf. That scarf, though, provides freedom and hope for children. It fights against slavery. While the product is simple, the creation of just one scarf takes an incredible eye for detail, brilliant creativity and expert craftsmanship. We put together this video to provide insight into the manufacturing process of a Beza Threads scarf. 

Leather Goods

Our leather goods are handcrafted by young women rescued from forced prostitution, with each intricate detail the product of a freed slave receiving rehabilitation and critical job skill training. Not only does our leather collection allow you to continue giving freedom—it continues giving enslaved youth opportunities for hope and a sustainable future.

Led by an Ethiopian teacher with nearly 40 years of experience in the field, our partners’ technical leather school is a one-year training program. Freed women learn to cut, sew, glue and skive leather. As they continue diversifying and advancing their leather-working skills, they begin creating our leather clutches, totes and messenger bags. While clutches take approximately one hour to create, messenger bags and totes take up to 10 hours to cut and sew together.

A single stitch can change a life forever.