Our Approach

Beza Threads is a growing community that values the life, freedom and worth of all people. We serve our Ethiopian friends because we cannot imagine sitting back and doing nothing if our own sons or daughters, brothers or sisters were being abused and treated like commodities.

We’ve seen that compassion and love through radical action can overcome even the greatest pains and scars of child slavery. We believe any effort that promotes freedom in the life of an enslaved child has immense value.
To maximize our impact and focus our compassion, we apply the following values to all our work:


We believe not only rescue but redemption is possible in the life of every enslaved child we encounter. This means not only undoing wrongs and injustice, but creating hope and tangible resources for a better future. (Our name, Beza, means redemption or transformation in the Ethiopian language of Amharic.)

Supporting locals

Our most sincere efforts and intentions will never replace the established work of locals who understand the cultural context and history of this issue. Our work and partnership with them does not offer a foreign solution, but a helping hand to advocate and promote the Ethiopian people.

Human dignity

We view and treat every individual we serve according to their inherent worth and hopeful future rather than their painful past.

Empowering freedom

The transition from slavery to freedom is most successful when victims play an active role in their liberation. We partner with victims of slavery to support them in a journey toward independence and personal stability.

Holistic partnership

Every supporter plays a vital role in our story. We desire that each contribution strengthens a real and tangible tie between the contributor and the child. We want to connect supporters with a wealth of resources and opportunities, including advocacy, product parties and monetary support.