The heart, soul and inspiration behind Beza Threads is Hope for Children in Ethiopia (HCE), an on-the-ground (public) nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and transformation of enslaved children.

HCE confronts the issue of slavery by freeing, educating and empowering enslaved youth toward a hopeful future. They also fight slavery at its source, providing vulnerable children with basic schooling and nutritional support.

The organization is driven by Ethiopians who know firsthand the streets and factories where slavery exists. They know also how to leverage local laws, culture and circumstances to successfully remove and protect children from slavery.

Once identified, HCE places children in one of four programs:

Freedom Boys

A secondary program that helps teenage boys repurpose textile skills they mastered in slavery toward a small business model that generates personal income and a sustainable future. (These guys make your scarves!)

Freedom Girls

A secondary program that equips teenage girls once enslaved in forced labor with seamstress and embroidery skills capable of securing a good-paying job.

New Life House

A secondary program that provides emotional and spiritual support for teenage girls once forced into prostitution. The girls also receive professional culinary and cosmetology training that ends with internship and job placement.

Entoto Kindergarten

An educational program that gives impoverished children three years of basic schooling, ensuring a successful transition into further education. Their families receive food and sanitary supplies for the duration of the program and two years following.