Organization with 50 employees serving 3,600 struggling Ethiopians owns just one 4-passenger vehicle. Let’s change that together.

Beza’s boots-on-the-ground partners in Ethiopia desperately need a van. They’re well on their way through the commitment of a church in Des Moines. We hope you’ll help them push over the final hill for a $20,000 purchase.

The organization, Hope for Children Ethiopia (HCE), serves thousands of children every year (freeing many from forced labor and sex trafficking). They provide these rescued youth with a place to live, food, education, and hope for a brighter future. With a staff of 50 people, HCE annually supports 3,600 Ethiopians across the eastern Africa country. But the nonprofit owns just one four-passenger vehicle. That means racking up a tab of thousands of dollars a year for taxis and riding bicycles or walking countless miles to accomplishment their work.

The leadership team with HCE has voiced the need for a van as a top priority over the past two years. Beza Threads is thrilled to respond to that call with the dedication of a local Des Moines church and generous partners just like you.

Ashworth Road Baptist Church, in partnership with Beza Threads, has set the ambitious goal of raising $10,000 within the church (during its annual missions campaign). The target will cover roughly half the cost of the vehicle. That’s where you come in!

We are asking our generous friends, family and neighbors to help raise an additional $10,000 (or more) to get HCE the perfect vehicle for their unique cause. Will you join us in raising the funds to support such a worthy organization? Sometimes it’s the most practical steps that bridge the gap between freedom and those in desperate need.

Give here: https://www.gofundme.com/ashworthroad