image004Meet Mehiret.

She is a 21 year-old woman born in Welmera; a rural district near Addis Ababa, the capitol of Ethiopia.

Mehiret’s mother died when she was young. “After the death of my mother, my brother and I started to face so many problems. I dropped out of school after grade 4 and started to shoulder adult women role in my childhood like cooking food, collecting fire wood, fetching water for my family. In all this my father was not good for me,” she says.

When Mehiret was 19 years old, she went to live with her uncle. “I went to my uncle’s home hoping [for a] better life. He promised to care for and send me to school, but he betrayed me,” she says.

Mehiret’s uncle made her be a maid in his home. She ran away and worked as a waitress. After 8 months, she moved to Addis Ababa to work in a hotel. She didn’t earn enough money doing this to survive and turned to prostitution to supplement her income.

Mehiret learned about how Hope for Children in Ethiopia (HCE) rescued women from a life of prostitution. “When I heard about the HCE program for young women like me, I decided to go to the new home immediately. I was always thinking that who can redeem me from this life and work of a sex worker, to follow a man back to his hotel room,” she says.

She immediately joined the new life home of HCE and registered for training in food preparation. Mehiret has since then left behind a life of prostitution thanks to the support she received from Hope for Children in Ethiopia —a Beza Threads partner organization.

Together, Beza Threads and Hope for Children in Ethiopia helped get Mehiret off the streets. Today she is supporting herself in the food industry and investing in other woman through HCE.

“I give praise to God. Now I am on the right way to lead a normal life, thanks to your support,” Mehiret says.

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