Yetenayet Beza Threads Ethiopia

Meet Yetenayet. She is 17 and lives in Hope for Children Ethiopia’s New Life Home.

Yetenayet’s father died when she was a baby, so her mother did all she could to raise her and her two siblings. But, when Yetenayet was just 11, her mom suddenly died.

“When my mom passed away, our family faced the biggest challenge,” Yetenayet says. “We had no immediate relatives who could help us. My brother begged on the street. Two separate neighbors took my sister and me.”

After few months, Yetenayet left her guardian home because of an argument and she stayed in the home of one of her classmates. Her classmate’s mom made a living in sex trade and life was not comfortable for Yetenayet. She decided to find her brother and live with him on the street. He told her to come back when he got a house to rent.

Yetenayet didn’t want to wait, so she decided not to go back to her guardian home and continued living on the streets of Addis by herself. It was very difficult to get enough to eat. She was begging for food and for daily shelter (to rent a bedroom), and when she couldn’t get enough money for her daily needs, she was trapped into sex trade.

During this time, Yetenayet heard from a friend who was contacted for a rehabilitation project by Hope for Children. She registered and joined Hope for Children New Life Home. Now she is training to be a hair dresser.  She is actively participating in training and other psychosocial support that is provided by the training center.

“After I graduate, I have plans to hire [work] in hair style shops, save moneys from my salary, and gather my families (my brother and sister) and to live together,” Yetenayet says. “Furthermore, I will continue my education, and if God will, one day I will have my own hair style shop.”

Yetenayet is very grateful for Beza Threads and their support that helped change her life.

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