Fifteen. That’s the number of girls you’ve helped Beza Threads save this year from modern-day slavery. And in two weeks, we get to meet them.

Beza Threads’ story starts and ends in Ethiopia, in the city of Addis Ababa. It’s here every thread of every scarf is woven. And it’s where 100 percent of every sale is directed. To free, educate and empower young people.

On June 1, eight of us will fly to Ethiopia to meet our friends face-to-face. We’ll hear their stories. We’ll see their world. We’ll learn how we can better partner with them going forward.

The trip will take us inside the workshops where every Beza Threads product begins. Where young men freed from sweatshops work to weave handcrafted scarves—for their own profit, now, as business owners.

We’ll meet some of the more than 50 girls we’ve rescued from forced prostitution. We’ll visit the schools where they study culinary arts and hairdressing. We’ll talk to them about where they’ll go next—the businesses they’ll start, the dreams they have for the future.

Join us. Follow along with our Beza Threads team on Facebook and Twitter and at #BezaAbroad.