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Protect young children from slavery and give them a bright future by donating as little as $5 a month.

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In Ethiopia, like America, education is key. And for the poorest children in Addis Ababa, it mean the difference between freedom and slavery.

For impoverished children, education provides a path to a skillset and a trade able to lift them out of poverty and into a sustainable future. Without education, they remain trapped in poverty and become vulnerable — the next generation ensnared in the city’s sweatshops and brothels.


Our on-the-ground partner, Hope for Children in Ethiopia, identifies the most at-risk children in Addis Ababa. They’re the sons and daughters of beggars, or children without parents at all. They lack the means to attend school, eat regular meals or live with basic sanitation.

Through HCE, those children enter a three-year pre-school program designed to provide a jump start toward success before entering public or private schools. It also offers essential nutritional and physical health support.

Once they enter schooling, the program pays for their school materials and provides food for their family for the next two years, ensuring a successful transition into their education.

Protecting and educating a child in the program costs $395 per year. Beza Protectors can commit to providing for a child’s five-year journey through the program for $33 per month or pool together with other Protectors for as little as $5 per month.

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