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Save young women from sex trafficking and give them a sustainable future for as little as $5 a month.

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Every day in Ethiopia, young women and girls are sold and manipulated into forced prostitution, a form of modern-day slavery known as sex trafficking.

Some are coerced or sold into it by parents or a family member. Others are lured by promises of economic relief only to find themselves trapped in a cycle of abuse — a decision that can lead to a lifetime of pain and hopelessness.

You can provide their rescue.

Beza Rescuers enable us to free girls from sex trafficking and enroll them in a year-long program where they’re loved, instilled with value and empowered with certified job skills that give them a hope-filled future.

Our on-the-ground partners, Hope for Children in Ethiopia, identify and rescue girls trapped in prostitution on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Once rescued, HCE provides  housing and enrolls them in a year-long program of recovery, education and empowerment.

“For those girls who are stuck in brothels, we have a new home and rescue program for them and that gives them a new family and a new environment,” says Betel Sahile, a staff member with HCE. “At this new home we offer the girls rehabilitation and counseling programs so that they can get through the emotional and physical abuse they’ve been through.”


Girls also choose to take part in one of two job-training tracks in either cooking or cosmetology. They leave with government-certified jobs skills, providing a path to employment and economic stability.

Before completing the program, girls take part in multi-week, real-world apprenticeships that let them practice under chefs at hotels and beauticians at local salons. It ends with a graduation ceremony, with their adopted family and past graduates cheering them on.

They start new lives as empowered women equipped for a sustainable future, free from the pitfalls of sex-trafficking and slavery.

Rescuing and training a girl in the program costs $1,740. Beza Rescuers can provide the full rescue of a girl for $145 per month, or pool together with other Rescuers for as little as $5 per month.

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