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Here’s how Friends of Beza works:

When you join Friends of Beza, you don’t simply support our movement: You join us, partnering alongside us to directly rescue and protect children from modern-day slavery. You are Beza.

An incredible 95 cents of each dollar given goes directly toward programming that frees, educates and empowers children and young adults. Donate as little as $5 per month and your tax-deductible gift will alter a child’s life.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose how to help: You choose to become a Beza Rescuer, helping rescue young women and girls trapped in prostitution, or a Beza Protector, helping us safeguard children under six from falling into prostitution and sweatshop labor.
  • Know your gift goes far: 95% of your monthly support goes toward programs rescuing or protecting children in need. To maximize your gift’s impact, we pool together your support with fellow Friends of Beza supporting children in that same community — ensuring cost-effective, sustainable change. We’re stronger together.
  • Stay in-the-know about your impact: You’ll receive quarterly updates on the children you’re supporting, including photographs and stories about how your friendship is directly altering lives. We place children in a loving community of teachers, nurses and staff who provide loving care and support, so you rest assured they’re being cared for daily. By cutting out the costs of shipping and translating letters between Friends of Beza and our children, we put more money back into supporting them.
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