Green, Red, & White Hatch - Wide

Green, Red, & White Hatch - Wide


About the sale price

This scarf is 75 inches long and 24 inches wide.

About the shipping tiers

Because each scarf is uniquely hand-made, yours may vary slightly from the one shown in the photo.

About the sale price

100% of the funds from scarf sales are returned to Ethiopia—we don't keep anything for administrative costs. Here's a breakdown of what goes into the $30 sale price:

$6.50: Cost for Beza Threads to purchase one scarf. This supports the teenagers in the Freedom Boys program who have been rescued from slavery. Aside from the cost of materials, the boys keep all of the proceeds from their scarf sales so they can start their own businesses when they finish the program.

$6.00: Cost to rescue one girl from forced prostitution for one night. Girls are rescued for one year at a time as part of the Deborah Girls program. Our scarf sales directly impact the number of girls who can be rescued each year.

$6.00: Preventative programming fund. In addition to rescuing children and teenagers out of slavery, Beza Threads is committed to stopping it at the source. Our partner organization, Hope for Children in Ethiopia, has a variety of different preventative programs including one to raise awareness among parents in the countryside who are susceptible to selling their children into slavery unknowingly.

$5.00: Cost to transport the scarf from Ethiopia to you. This includes the initial shipping from Ethiopia, packaging materials, credit card processing fees, and sales licenses for events, and it partially subsidizes the shipping cost for online orders. (This stuff is expensive! Best case scenario, we break even on this.)

$6.50: Funds to purchase an additional scarf for inventory growth. Typically these funds are held for a few months until we're ready to make the next big order, but every penny eventually goes back to Ethiopia.

$0.00: Administrative costs. We have them, but we don't take anything out of the scarf sales. Consider donating or buying a T-shirt to help us out with these.

About the shipping tiers

Tier One

(Standard Shipping / 7-10 days)
We’ve got these scarves in our hands. Right now. We’re packing it up as you read this. You’ll get it before December 25 if ordered by December 15.

Tier Two

(10-20 days)
Your scarf exists. But it’s still in Ethiopia and will take some extra time to get here. International shipping is crazy, but if you order by December 15th, we’ll try our absolute darnedest to get it to you by December 25.

Tier Three

(30-45 days)
This scarf doesn’t exist. At least not yet. Purchasing from this tier means you’re getting a scarf handmade to order just for you by one of our artisans in Ethiopia. Please allow time for our artisan to weave your scarf, ship it internationally to us and for us to ship it to you. Look for made-to-order scarves arrive between 30-45 days after their purchase date.